Monday, June 4, 2012

Day away....Burlington Vermont....

Saturday Morning was beautiful here in NE... I woke up and before I could even get down the stairs to get that first cup of coffee...  I heard three little voices all at the same time ...say ...what are we doing today? Well I didn't really know , I had no big plans..there was lots of talk lately of Vermont (my daughter had a big project on the state that she was working on) So, I said lets go to Vermont of course they were up for this last minute adventure..I don't think they knew really how long the ride would be....but even after four hours in the car they were so excited to get there and explore the city of Burlington Vermont... so here is our trip...hope you enjoy the city of Burlington as much as we did !

-Shore of Lake Champlain-

  -I can just Imagine packing a picnic and spending the day on one of these lovely boats-
-The Echo Aquarium & Science Center-

What a fabulous place to sit and enjoy a glass of wine , And watch all of the visitors go by!

-Gorgeous old building, Now Irish Pub-

-A unique creperie, coffee shop and fondue restaurant on Burlington's waterfront-
(this was a recommendation of a gentleman that happen to be walking by...&.wow was it good!)
 Ben & Jerry's we are in Vermont after all!

look at these beauties.... I had to take a picture

There are all sorts of interesting things including street performers in Burlington...

Yes, we even went to the mall..who could pass up this mall ? was beautiful..lots of great stores!

Toscano Cafe..last stop....of the day!

And that's that!!!!! Look At this happy guy....what a way to end the day, Mussels at Toscano Cafe...
hope you get to experience Burlington Vermont its truly is an interesting city..lots to do and see...

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