Saturday, August 25, 2012

-Summer Grilled Peach & Blue Cheese Salad-

Summer Has to be my favorite time of the year..I love the fresh fruit and vegetables that are so plentiful this time of yr, almost every weekend I try to hit a local farmers market...It's so exciting to me to see what is fresh and available every week...This week It was beautiful peaches & locally grown variety of lettuces..
This beautiful salad was the out come of this weeks shopping was so yummy and perfect for this time of year...make this tonight!

-Summer Grilled Peach & Blue cheese Salad-
6-8 peaches
1- lg head of Romain Lettuce
1 Bag glazes pecans
1 pkg Blue Cheese crumbles
1 bottle Poppy Seed dressing
Slice peaches thick, brush with butter... on an outdoor grill or grill pan, cook peaches for 5 minutes each side only turning once you get beautiful grill marks , set  aside.
Prepare lettuce chopping and cleaning then in a bowl sprinkle pecans and blue cheese crumbles over lettuce add peaches and poppy seed dressing..indulge in gilt free goodness..this is just perfect for days like today hope you make this salad soon

Monday, August 13, 2012

Here is our wknd.....  a little cooking a little fishing ...but let me confess first...  I've never been fishing, never really been out on a boat, never ever put my toes in water that I couldn't see the bottom of..but this wknd I did! & I  had a great time was an experience I wont forget. But I did leave the fishing up to the experts.

First Catch
Blue Crabs....&   Oh and  a little Old Bay Seasoning, ... Add an Ice cold Sam Adams
Summer the result = perfection

      After Crab.....It was Rib time...cranking up the grill and eating outside just makes everything taste better don't you think? Well I do and here my friends is a great recipe you must try!

    there was nothing  too complex about the was very simple . I used a rub mix that was already put together .When I started thinking about making ribs I was trying to come up with the perfect mix of spices, but soon realized the "store bought" mixes are really great and instead of buying 15 different spices  they were all in one...

                                                             - BBQ Ribs-
                                                            1-4-6 oz- container dry rub mix 
                                                            2 Racks bone in BBQ ribs(not pre-marinated)
                                                            1 Bottle of BBQ Sauce of your choice
                                                            2 tbs olive oil
                                                            Kosher salt & Pepper

                               Place ribs on a large cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil
             rub generously with olive oil, then kosher salt & Pepper , using entire container of dry rub coat both sides very generously...Place in refrigerator over night. The next day preheat oven to 250 degrees,  cover ribs with foil and bake for 3 hrs. When done baking remove and preheat outdoor grill to medium setting . baste with BBQ sauce & cook ribs for 7 minutes turning half way through cooking time..these were a huge hit..Ive had many request since ..I will be making these again soon
                                                                            "The Lodge"
Really cute & very comfy...This was our weekend accommodations,not to shabby at all..loved the rustic Decor & Comfy feel
-Sea Hag Marina-
this is where the fun begins ,everyday this was the first stop..then in the boat we go
great place for a beer after a LONG day of fishing!

Beautiful houses along the the colors and Florida feel
this cutie pie was a friend of the family's grandson...I  took so many pics of him ,he was just so adorable...he's holding the first scallop of the day!
treasure of the sea...
                   end of the day....we after all didn't find many scallops..but it was a beautiful day out on the water

Back to the Marina...ohhh what a day!!!

special thank you to Cathy & Walter Blye..thanks for such a great vacation

Friday, August 10, 2012

-Beautiful St. Augustine Florida-


Where have I been you ask....Well VACATION of  course, Its been a  very busy month, first a trip to PA then to FL....but here I am... and  honestly I couldn't wait to share my vacation experiences with you! I hope your having a fabulous summer too.. I know I  am....I am truly blessed to have the family and life I do...this is the beautiful town of St Augustine in the lovely state of Florida..Hope you enjoy!

When you come into the city of St will see this historical land mark it is the  Castillo  DE Marco.. I'm not much for history but found it very interesting...

Step back in time as you visit the oldest remaining European fortification in the nation. Castillo DE San Marcos dates back to 1672 and is a fine example of military architecture from the Spanish empire.
Flagler College-Once a hotel for the very wealthy ,absolutely breath taking design.. such attention to detail we were lucky enough to tour the inside..
-Foyer Flagler College-
                                                 Dining room ,can you imagine having dinner here?
                                                     .... Beautiful Casa Monica Hotel...

Pretty streets of St Augustine at night..Look at this cute little martini bar..
its even called Tini Martini bar
So lovely -St Augustine Catholic Church...
-oldest house in St Augustine-
"The Wine Cellar"
So fun to sit here, and listen to the music while sipping on in St Augustine it was so yummy....can you tell by our empty glasses?
Gelato.....oh ya!! so hard to choose which one
And lastly dinner  at Harry's Seafood Bar & Grill...these mussels were just too good!