Tuesday, May 29, 2012

-Oreo Cookies and Cream Brownie Sundaes-

After a long wknd away and on the road, I was so happy to get back in my kitchen to bake...and honestly this recipe was kinda what landed on the counter while unpacking... what a great idea to throw them all together- the result..?. OREO COOKIES AND CREAM BROWNIE SUNDAES!

.....Is it possible to have one dessert with too much Chocolate.?. NO WAY!!. warm Brownies, Cookies and Cream Candy Bars, Ice cream, Oreo Cookies & Chocolate Syrup oh yes !!! I put it all right here in this recipe just for you, and let me say this ....if you like chocolate...and who doesn't ? You surely will love these..

-Oreo Cookies & Cream Brownie Sundaes-,

1- box dark chocolate brownie mix
1- egg
1/3 -cup olive oil
1/2- Cup heavy cream
1- tsp vanilla extract
2-Oreo Cookies and Cream candy bars
1- pint Oreo cookie ice cream
Whip Cream
Oreo cookies for garnish
chocolate syrup

(Preheat oven to 325)
-prepare a lg 4  muffin tin with cupcake liners-
-you can do a 12 cupcake pan too..they will just be smaller-

Pour brownie mix into a bowl ,or an electric mixer
add egg, olive oil, heavy cream and vanilla- mix  for 2 minute or until no dry lumps remain..
using an ice cream scoop fill muffin tin half way break the candy bars in four.Place two pieces 6 small squares on top of brownie batter top with an additional scoop of brownie batter and bake for 40 minutes or until done.(.toothpick insert comes out clean) Top brownies with cookies and cream ice cream , whip cream, chocolate syrup and of course an Oreo cookie....

Friday, May 25, 2012

Limoncello White Cranberry Spritzer

Today was one of those days, ..I couldn't wait for the day to be over..thinking about this long weekend all week made it seem to take even longer ....

But here we are finally Friday..the kick off to summer and tonight I was dying for a light refreshing summer drink ..the kind that just makes you want to sit in a sunny outdoor spot in an over sized super comfy chair with a great cocktail ...in total comfort with not a care in the world...  it had to be something light and  refreshing....hmmm lemon, seltzer ,ice, white cranberry  juice sounds refreshing right?  and adding  limoncello  to the mix does it get any better than that? Sounded fabulous to me....so... here is my limoncello White Cranberry Spritzer, this was so delightful and perfect for today...enjoy!
Limoncello White Cranberry Spritzer

1 -26 oz bottle limoncello of your choice
1-64 oz Ocean Spray White Cranberry juice
2 Litter Seltzer water
2 Fresh lemons sliced
2 Cups ice

Pour ice into a glass pitcher ,next add equal parts, White Cranberry juice and Seltzer water.
Layer lemon slices on top.. (setting 4-6 slices aside for garnish), Pour limoncello into glasses filling half way, top with White cranberry juice & seltzer mix...garnish glasses with remaining lemon slices and enjoy!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day at the Farmers Market

This weekend the outdoor farmers market opened in Portsmouth NH..I was delighted to say the least...shopping and having so many choices of beautiful produce, cheeses ,wines and fresh flowers it has to be one of  my favorite thing to do..strolling aimlessly just taking it all in I hardly noticed we spent 4 hrs there... I wish I were there right now!!  This wknd check your local Newspapers and see if you have one in your town!! I hope you enjoy my trip to the farmers market
love the rustic look of these potatoes in this wooden box..think this farmers would have let me take home one of these?
beautiful spring Garlic,Basil & Onion tops
had to buy some of these I love Chard & Kale!!
Lovely home made baked breads
We must have spent 20 minutes at this stand alone..Goat Cheese samples YUM YUM...of course I bought some...cant wait to do a cheese and fruit platter with this gorgeous farm made goat cheese..
Oh my !!Cookies, Whoopie Pies & Cakes as big as I've ever seen...guess they love to bake..I do too!!
View of Portsmouth
get out those gardening gloves..
Maple Syrup...of course, NH & Maine are know for such things!

After a morning of shopping whats better than stopping for lunch in downtown Portsmouth? 

there is so much to see and do in Portsmouth...Of course its just fun to walk around down town too!.
What a great day....I am still thinking of this lovely visit to Portsmouth...hoping to return here all summer to enjoy all that our local farmers have to offer...I hope you get out to your local farmers market and enjoy too!!! HAPPY SHOPPING.......

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Veggie Muffuletta

Today was the opening day of our local farmers market in Portsmouth NH ...I absolutely love the fact that it is local farmers and businesses...who bring all of their beautiful goods and set up shop   lining the pretty streets of Portsmouth with white tents, beautiful flowers ,cheeses, wines.......    
veggies ,  hand made goods and the view while shopping is spectacular...

I honestly could have spent all day there..I purchased every veggie I came across went home and created this beautiful sandwich! There is nothing on the planet that compares to fresh organically grown veggies I hope you make this veggie Muffuletta...and enjoy as much as we did!!

                                                                   Veggie Muffuletta
                                                              1 loaf organic wheat bread- unsliced
                                                              1 container olive Tapenade spread
                                                              1 package fresh spinach
                                                              4 oz mozzarella cheese sliced
                                                              2 avocados- sliced
                                                              1/2 red onion- sliced
                                                              1/2 English cucumber -sliced
                                                              2 tomatoes
                                                              1 yellow pepper -sliced
                                                              1 orange pepper- sliced
                                                              1 green pepper- sliced
                                                              1 pkg provolone cheese
After slicing all veggies...slice bread loaf in half, then hollow out the top half of  your bread loaf. Spread Olive Tapenade in hollowed area, begin to layer your veggies starting with spinach ending with provolone cheese...going in order of recipe, you may melt provolone cheese on bottom half of bread by  putting it under the broiler for 5 minutes as I did if you'd like, but its great not melted too...hope you love this overload of fresh garden veggies and yummy  cheese.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Birthday Weekend Away!

 last Wednesday was my 40th Birthday...& what better way to celebrate than going to the beach for the wknd??  I think if I celebrated 40 more it would be hard to top this past wknd...Hope you enjoy the pictures and places of beautiful Goose Rocks Beach Maine!! Thank you to the amazing people I have in my life who not only made my birthday so special but make everyday special ...love to you all!

                                                             from my sister..she is too sweet!
                                                       Some of the beautiful beach houses...
Avocado-Shrimp-Grapefruit Salad
of course food is always a big part of any family gathering ...we bbq'd on Saturday this was a salad I made for the party...its light combo of shrimp, grapefruit and avocado make it perfect for a outdoor party!

    Just a few miles down the road from Goose Rocks Beach is "the port" an adorable down town area of  Kennebunkport , I could have spent all day here going in and out of all the little shops and restaurant's...we did stop for a blueberry martini ...why not? after all we were in Maine..

the kids loved the candy store..
           I loved this super cute ice cream shop...I mean how down right adorable is this place?
I walked in this store and never ever wanted to leave or shop anywhere else again...Ive  been dreaming of having one like it ever since...All of these places were so much fun to visit.. I was so excited to see the great variety of food & wine..I wanted to buy everything take it home and create enless amazing recipes it was just such a fun wknd!   ...hope you  get a chance to visit Kennebunkport Maine ...you will truly enjoy!!


Monday, May 7, 2012

Watermelon Bellini's

Watermelon Bellini's..so pretty but even better is the fact that these Bellini's are two of my favorite things Watermelon and Procecco ,could there be any better combo than  Italian sparkling wine and watermelon ?....I don't think there is anything  that could even compare.. & mixed together they are just to die for...hope you enjoy these beautiful lite and perfect for sping watermelon delights!!
1 bottle of chilled Prosecco(Italian sparkling wine)
1 Small Watermelon
1/2 Cup simple syrup
1Cup of ice

Slice watermelon in half  then into pieces uniformly to fit in a blender. Remove rind  and any seeds.  Next add ice and 1/2 cup of simple syrup to blender and blend until smooth. Pour into pretty glasses filling 1/4 of glass with the watermelon mixture then fill the rest with chilled Prosecco and ENJOY!!!