Friday, May 25, 2012

Limoncello White Cranberry Spritzer

Today was one of those days, ..I couldn't wait for the day to be over..thinking about this long weekend all week made it seem to take even longer ....

But here we are finally Friday..the kick off to summer and tonight I was dying for a light refreshing summer drink ..the kind that just makes you want to sit in a sunny outdoor spot in an over sized super comfy chair with a great cocktail total comfort with not a care in the world...  it had to be something light and  refreshing....hmmm lemon, seltzer ,ice, white cranberry  juice sounds refreshing right?  and adding  limoncello  to the mix does it get any better than that? Sounded fabulous to here is my limoncello White Cranberry Spritzer, this was so delightful and perfect for today...enjoy!
Limoncello White Cranberry Spritzer

1 -26 oz bottle limoncello of your choice
1-64 oz Ocean Spray White Cranberry juice
2 Litter Seltzer water
2 Fresh lemons sliced
2 Cups ice

Pour ice into a glass pitcher ,next add equal parts, White Cranberry juice and Seltzer water.
Layer lemon slices on top.. (setting 4-6 slices aside for garnish), Pour limoncello into glasses filling half way, top with White cranberry juice & seltzer mix...garnish glasses with remaining lemon slices and enjoy!


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