Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day at the Farmers Market

This weekend the outdoor farmers market opened in Portsmouth NH..I was delighted to say the least...shopping and having so many choices of beautiful produce, cheeses ,wines and fresh flowers it has to be one of  my favorite thing to do..strolling aimlessly just taking it all in I hardly noticed we spent 4 hrs there... I wish I were there right now!!  This wknd check your local Newspapers and see if you have one in your town!! I hope you enjoy my trip to the farmers market
love the rustic look of these potatoes in this wooden box..think this farmers would have let me take home one of these?
beautiful spring Garlic,Basil & Onion tops
had to buy some of these I love Chard & Kale!!
Lovely home made baked breads
We must have spent 20 minutes at this stand alone..Goat Cheese samples YUM YUM...of course I bought some...cant wait to do a cheese and fruit platter with this gorgeous farm made goat cheese..
Oh my !!Cookies, Whoopie Pies & Cakes as big as I've ever seen...guess they love to bake..I do too!!
View of Portsmouth
get out those gardening gloves..
Maple Syrup...of course, NH & Maine are know for such things!

After a morning of shopping whats better than stopping for lunch in downtown Portsmouth? 

there is so much to see and do in Portsmouth...Of course its just fun to walk around down town too!.
What a great day....I am still thinking of this lovely visit to Portsmouth...hoping to return here all summer to enjoy all that our local farmers have to offer...I hope you get out to your local farmers market and enjoy too!!! HAPPY SHOPPING.......


  1. After looking at these pics....You need to make a potato frittata...Portsmouth is such a charming town.

  2. yum potato Frittata with goat cheese & some herbs , great idea! Portsmouth is Charming we must go when your here..