Monday, May 7, 2012

Watermelon Bellini's

Watermelon Bellini' pretty but even better is the fact that these Bellini's are two of my favorite things Watermelon and Procecco ,could there be any better combo than  Italian sparkling wine and watermelon ?....I don't think there is anything  that could even compare.. & mixed together they are just to die for...hope you enjoy these beautiful lite and perfect for sping watermelon delights!!
1 bottle of chilled Prosecco(Italian sparkling wine)
1 Small Watermelon
1/2 Cup simple syrup
1Cup of ice

Slice watermelon in half  then into pieces uniformly to fit in a blender. Remove rind  and any seeds.  Next add ice and 1/2 cup of simple syrup to blender and blend until smooth. Pour into pretty glasses filling 1/4 of glass with the watermelon mixture then fill the rest with chilled Prosecco and ENJOY!!!


  1. looks like a refreshing summer cocktail

  2. very refreshing! you must try for your next dinner party.

  3. I'm so thirsty and can't wait for you to make me one of these.

  4. id love to, come on over..we can sip them ocean side on our visit to Hull..

  5. YUM.. these sound amazing!! Perfect for a summer brunch. Can't wait to try them!


  6. Gorgeous and I can attest to the fact that they were AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!