Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sports Day Delights!

Since the Super Bowl was Sunday...I made lots of food and although the Patriots didn't win, we enjoyed a great night at home...., good company great food and lots of excitement! whats better than that? I have to admit I never did really get football... but as my son has played  over the past 4 yrs I have grown to love it!!  Here are a few recipes... tried and true, fun to eat while watching any sporting event!
                                  Chicken  wings two ways, Buffalo & Maple Teriyaki....mmm!
                                                               Teriyaki maple glaze
                                                               5 lb  of chicken wings
                                                               1/4 cup of brown sugar
                                                               1/4 cup maple syrup
                                                               1 cup of teriyaki sauce
                                         place chicken wings in a zip lock bag , mix all ingredients in a bowl
                                                            pour over wings and let marinate over night!
                                          place wings on a cookie sheet that has been prepared with olive oil
                                          bake at 400 for 40 minutes, when done baking set oven temp to broil
                                          put wings back in the oven and broil 5 minutes each side or until       
                                          beautifully golden brown......enjoy!
                                                                   Buffalo wings

                                                          5 pounds of chicken wings
                                                          1/2 stick of butter
                                                          1/2 tsp  Cayenne pepper
                                                          1 cup buffalo sauce of your choice

                                   Place wings on a prepared(with olive oil) cookie sheet bake for 40 minutes
                                         when wings are done take out of the oven and set temp to broil,
                                                          broil for 5 minutes each side.

                                     Next Prepare buffalo sauce, in a small sauce pan melt butter, add sauce
                               & Cayenne pepper and bring to a boil.Remove from stove let cool slightly
                                 add wings & sauce to a large mixing bowl & toss ..these are my sons favs....
                                I also put some blue cheese or ranch sauce on the platter to cool that pallet
                                                             your mouth will be thanking you.. : )

                       Pizza Pizza Pizza.....yup, always a favorite...but this one is soooooo good !

                                                          1 pkg  frozen bread dough
                                                          1 pkg  Prosciutto Ham
                                                   crushed  Pineapple ( 1/2 cup drained)
                                                          1 pkg 6-8 oz mozzarella
                                                          1 bunch fresh parsley
                                                          1 jar sauce of choice

                                   Prosciutto...Ham...yummy sweet pineapple...fresh mozzarella
                                                          I wish I had a  slice right now!
                   I used frozen bread dough found in the freezer section of your local grocery
                   store...I know,  I love fresh made dough but this is a huge time saver so why not!

                                                              preheat oven to 450
                   let dough "rise" by siting on the counter until defrosted..Put a sprinkle of flour on
                   your rolling surface, and roll dough till desired thickness..some like it thin..not me!

                   U can use your favorite sauce store bought or not.. I use a basic Tomato garlic..
                  spread 1/2 to 1/4 cup of sauce on rolled dough,slice mozzarella log in half
                   shred 1/2 & slice remaining half spread on pizza,add Prosciutto and
                    pineapple & of course a little Fresh parsley for color, bake at 450 for 12-15 minutes
                                                               ....you must make this!

Turkey Sausage&Tri color Pepper

           1 pkg of turkey sausage
           1 red pepper
           1 yellow pepper
           1 orange pepper
           2 tbsp  good olive oil
           Kosher salt
          Fresh cracked pepper
         There is nothing too complex about this recipe, it just your basic ingredients..Sometimes those are the best ones...I just love the easy prep of this one, and honestly its perfect for a wk night dinner..try it tonight!

Start with the sausage set burner to med \high. Put about  olive oil in a frying pan..   let it get hot, you will want a nice sear med/high temp is important! Add turkey sausage to hot pan and brown.. add peppers, cover and turn down heat to medium /low. Cook until done removing lid from time to time to check..mine took about 30 minutes...cut whole wheat sausage buns down the center fill with sausage first ,then tri color peppers...so yummy!!! give it a try you wont be sorry!

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