Monday, February 27, 2012

Cookie Crusted Blueberry & Lemon Tart...

Today was the first official day of winter Vacation...YAY! I couldn't be more excited !This week we are going to a ski resort in New Hampshire.. but tonight..

 There was no rush to get through  dinner , homework, showers &  bedtime...and believe it or not, I let my children  eat a big ole sugar cookie, covered in powdered sugar ,cream cheese and blueberries....OH MY!

This was so easy but so good.....shhh I even let them eat it in front of the tv.. : )
I cant wait to post all of our vacation pictures and of course there maybe a few of food too...see you in a week!
                                            - Cookie Crusted Blueberry& Lemon Tart-
                                                      1-Pint of fresh Blueberries
                                                      1-Lemon(for garnish)
                                                      1-Pkg  pull apart and bake sugar cookie dough 16 oz (in dairy isle)
                                                      1-Container of whipped cream cheese( 12oz)
                                                      2-Cups Powdered Sugar
                                                      1-Tsp Lemon Extract
                                                      1-12oz Jar of Apple Jelly
                                                      1-12 inch Tart Pan(with removable bottom)
 ...Start with the 12 inch tart pan with a removable bottom.. Open cookies and pull apart in the bottom of tart pan , then press down into pan with your fingers until cookies touch.

...Place in a Pre-Heated oven and bake for about 12-15 minutes checking cookies half way through baking time, when done remove from oven .Cool on counter

...Place 12oz  of Cream Cheese , the 2 cups of Powdered Sugar &1Tsp of the Lemon extract in a mixer .Mix on high for 2 minutes until all ingredients are incorporated, & resembles frosting, light & fluffy In texture.

 Melt 1/2 of the Jar of Apple Jelly in a pan over low heat...remove from heat & let Jelly  reach room temperature.In a medium mixing bowl add Jelly &  Blueberries toss gently set aside.Next Remove sides of tart pan,  Frost cookie with cream cheese mix ,then spoon blueberries over top..garnish with lemon and a sprig of mint...yum-o!

 (the Apple Jelly is a trick I learned from a baker..It puts a beautiful glaze on fruits )


  1. Well, hello beautiful dessert!!! I think this has my name all over it!!! Great job, momma.

  2. and as Candice Olsen would say, "How Divine"