Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sweet Pear , Bluberry & Gorgonzola Salad...

          Sweet Pears...Blueberry...Gorgonzola Salad...
                           Not only is this beautiful its really yummy!
So today I had 20 minutes to eat lunch and rush back to work.. being on vacation was great ,and we had the best time ever!!! Skiing, tubing, Ice skating ,swimming in the pool and enjoying our beautiful rental condo..

But Monday came and its back to business : )  and a quick lunch was to be had...I love all of these ingredients and believe it or not was lucky enough to have them all in the fridge...I hope you enjoy this recipe , have it tomorrow for a quick lunch..you will love it!!
                      1 bag baby spinach
                      3 Pears(dried or not)
                      1 pkg dried blueberries
                      1 8oz container of Gorgonzola
                      Poppy seed dressing

              wash & spin dry baby spinach, set aside
   slice pears on a mandolin for drying ,of course you can use dried pears that You can purchase at your local grocery store.

I had dried some fruit that was on the brink of spoiling & keep it in  an air tight container . Drying fruit is really easy, just slice thin  then place on a cookie sheet, bake @ 170 for 6 hrs.

Place spinach on a pretty platter ,sprinkle Gorgonzola add sliced pears & dried blueberries.Top with poppy seed dressing and enjoy!


  1. A perfect salad for ladies get together or a great dinner with a nice glass of white wine!!

  2. I brought this salad to my staff meeting last wednesday, and everyone LOVED it! thanks to my sister!