Saturday, March 10, 2012

Baked Brie with Peach Jam in Puff Pastry...

            Creamy Brie Cheese , Sweet yummy Peach Jam..try this tonight and indulge....its heavenly
                                                              1 sheet frozen puff pastry
                                                              1/4 of 12oz Jar Peach Jam
                                                              1 -5" Brie Cheese
                                                              1 tbsp butter              

Pre -heat oven to 350, Cover a baking sheet with Parchment Paper.Allow frozen Puff Pastry to come to room temperature. Flour rolling surface, Roll dough to a 12" square. Place rolled puff pasty on prepared baking sheet. Cut 1/4 off the top of your Brie Cheese making a shallow indentation for the Jam,  place cheese on puff pastry fill top of cheese with Jam, fold remaining dough over cheese& Jam, you may trim dough if you have excess... press together to seal. Brush with melted butter & bake for 30 minutes!
                                 serve with buttery crackers & Fruit!


  1. looks so pretty! heavenly! my favorite thing is that everything you do not only looks like art, it tastes amazing too! :) great job sister!

  2. Now....this is amazing photography!!! Love the food and I adore how bright these photos are. Incredible.