Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sweet-n-Spicy Chicken with Mango Salsa-n-Corn Bread

I was recently asked to do some recipes for March Madness...What the heck is March Madness
was my question?..Let me just tell you , Basketball was just something I didn't pay much attention too. Now I have a reason...FOOD!!! & any reason to create recipes is OK with me..So here is one that you can enjoy in front of the TV during what else but March Madness!!!!!

                                                                             - Mango Salsa-
                                                                               1/2 Red Onion
                                                                               1 Red Pepper
                                                                               1 Yellow Pepper
                                                                               1  6oz Container of Feta Cheese
                                                                               2 Jalapeno Peppers   
                                                                               1 lime
                                                                               1-20 oz Jar Sliced Mango   
                                                                               1/3 Cup of fresh parsley chopped
                                                                               1 tsp Olive Oil
                                                                                Salt & Pepper                                             

Chop all veggies& the mango uniformly then place in a medium bowl add Feta cheese,parsley,Olive Oil salt & pepper. Toss gently next squeeze the  juice from  lime and pour over salsa ,cover and refrigerate until your ready for use.
                                                    Sweet and Spicy Chicken Sliders on Corn Bread
                                                                      3 -Chicken Breast
                                                                      1-Cup of Orange Juice
                                                                      1-6 oz Container plain Yogurt
                                                                      2 tbs Red Pepper Flakes
                                                                   1 Pkg Thoma's Corn Bread Muffins
                                 ( If you cant find ,you may use corn bread slices bought made)                      
       Pour all ingredients in a bowl ,whisk yogurt and OJ add the chicken.Marinate for 4 hrs when done marinating place either in a grill pan of an outdoor grill and cook for 6-8 min each side next
                  Toast Corn bread ,place chicken slices on toasted corn bread, add Salsa enjoy!

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