Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tropical Spring Fruit Salad with Fresh Mint

                                        -Tropical Spring Fruit Salad With Fresh Mint-      
This beautiful Fruit Salad really says Spring to me..The vibrant colors and yummy flavors are to die for, not to mention you could eat the whole bowl and not feel so bad! Its refreshing and light and honestly what I came up with when I opened my fridge this morning! You don't have to stick to the fruit in this recipe although I think its a pretty great mix..get creative and do what you have on hand...or get out to your local market and buy the fruit I chose to will be so happy you did! Happy Spring!!

Spring Fruit Salad
   1 Cantaloupe
3 Plums
   3 Oranges
3 Pears
              1/2 Cup of dried pineapple
  1 Cup Red Grapes  
                    1/4 cup Pineapple Orange juice
                1/4 Cup Fresh mint Chopped

Cut Cantaloupe, Pears, Plums and Oranges in uniform size. Place  fruit in a medium size bowl.Add Dried Pineapple and the  Red grapes then the Chopped mint....Pour The 1/4 Cup of  OJ & Pineapple juice over entire fruit salad and toss! The OJ & Pineapple Juice will  preserve your fruit from turning brown, & It makes a lovely medley of flavors  too... I  also embellished the top with  Mint sprigs ....It really makes this salad extra pretty..Pour into  little cups run to the silverware draw grab a spoon and indulge!!

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  1. Seriously, loving the new blog look...momma. Great job. This salad looks delicious and so refreshing.